Netflix offered money I made in premiere for ‘Click Click Bang’

Actor, director and scriptwriter Abel Mutua./COURTESY

Celeb scriptwriter Abel Mutua has revealed that the online streaming platform offered him amount he raised in the movie’s premiere with the company package indicating it will own exclusive writes for the first two years.

Speaking to Baraka Fm live on Pozi 254 show, the co-owner of Phil-It Tv affirmed that his move of turning down the offer was mostly inspired by the efforts of straitening the Kenya Film industry.

“Sisi ndio tumekuja kuvunja hio ceiling, in the five years Netflix watukuwa wanacome up hapa wanapeana original shows..Netflix watafungua office huku”

Mutua who previously starred in Tahidi High the television series as ‘Fredie’, called for Kenyans to first love the local content adding that Kenyans simply need to be insisted on and will embrace their home talents.

“Kenya tunaneed kujipenda…hatujipendi, like sahii ukaweka kitu ya Kenya na kitu ya nje utapata msee ako inclined kuwatch kitu ya nje kuliko kitu wewe umeproduce”

Responding to the story involving talented hip hop group Wakadinali, Abel said he admired and appreciated how they understand their worth and actually did slice the marketing price for songs copyrights in a movie by half.

“Nilikuwa nimeongea na Wakadinali juu ya hii ngoma, tulikuwa tumeitaka kwa movie mbaya na wakanipatia quote which to be really honest is not what we’re supposed to pay in a movie. Ile proper cost ya ngoma kwa cinema 8000(Usd) hao walitupatia na half price, 4500”.

Hip hop star Khaligraph Jones features in the film with the artist offering the team his whole music catalogue to use with him fellow music group Hart the Band being the official music provider of the project.Mkurugenzi further revealed that the project estimated cost is 6 million (Ksh) from pre-production to post-production. The film is inspired by a real life story of one of Mutua’s friend, a promising young footballer who turned to crime and got killed at the age of 22 years.