PP2 pupil electrocuted to death in Mombasa

A statement from St. Claret Nursery and Primary school where a PPS2 pupil was electrocuted to death./COURTESY

A family in Kiembeni, Mombasa County, is mourning the death of their PP2 child that occurred under mysterious circumstances in school.

Rahab Muye, a PP2 pupil at St. Claret Nursery and Primary school is said to have been electrocuted while preparing to leave school in the afternoon.

A parent in the school said that Rahab already boarded the bus but alighted to answer to a call of nature behind a classroom, where electricians were installing a CCTV camera due to constant theft, instead of rushing to the toilet in fear of being left by the bus.

“The Fundi were not on site at that moment seemingly having taken a short break,” the parent who requested anonymity stated.

According to a statement from the school’s head Teacher Sr. RosePauline, investigations are underway to establish what really happened.

“In total resignation to the Will of God we regret to announce the sudden death of our PP2 pupil Rahab Muye, who accidentally was electrocuted by an electric wire shortly before she boarded the bus to go home,” read the statement in part.

Meanwhile, police in the same area of Kiembeni are holding in custody a lady who allegedly killed her baby before dumping the body in a septic tank.

According to police reports, the lady allegedly killed the baby for her to travel to the Middle East for work.

The deceased baby was a one year old infant whose body was found dumped in a septic tank.