Ganze MP wants more CDF funds to his constituency

Ganze Member of Parliament Teddy Mwambire. He wants more funds allocated to his constituency's CDF kitty./COURTESY

Ganze Member of Parliament has urged the national government to allocate extra monies for the National Government Constituency Development Fund, CDF.

Speaking in Jila secondary school within the constituency, the law maker said the money allocated for the constituency is insufficient.

“Our current allocation is about sh.130milion. Once you deduct all the emergency funds, we are only left with around sh.66m to sh’67m. This money is inadequate,” noted Mwambire.

He says the CDF kitty performs several functions including building public offices.

“The constituency is vast. There are also various needs,” noted Mwambire.

Locals also claimed Ganze has a huge population, therefore more money should be allocated.

According to the locals the area experiences several challenges, including drought and famine.