I did not leave music due to pregnancy -Akeelah


Mombasa songbird Akeelah is back in the game after a seven month break.

Speaking during an interview at Baraka FM, Akeelah revealed that she took a break from releasing hits for more growth.

Akeelah was attached at a popular tourist hotel to get hands on experience on hospitality industry and voice training through Karaoke.

According to the Ujitume hit maker, the opportunity helped to boost her confidence especially during shows.

‘‘I was actually being trained on how to handle people. I was assigned different roles including ushering in guests into that posh hotel’’, she revealed.

Akeelah also dismissed rumours circulating that she took a break from music due to marriage and pregnancy.

‘‘I was hurt by people spreading those rumours. Only a few of my friends and family knew I was attached to that hotel to learn. I was not pregnant’’ she stated.


Akeelah has released a new song titled Moyo.