Man kills three-year-old son then hangs himself

A 52-year-old man died at a lodging in Migori./COURTESY

A man in Nairobi allegedly killed his three-year-old son before hanging himself.

30-year-old Victor Ayieko is said to have kidnapped his biological son from his ex-wife’s house in Tassia, Embakasi, before killing him in cold blood.

According to the DCI, the man is said to have snuck into the house and left with the boy, Derick Okeyo, before he killed him and hanged himself.

The incident left the ex-wife Nancy Adhiambo and her current husband Christopher Okeyo in mourning.

“Adhiambo and her husband had left in the morning to fend for the family and on returning back, their son was nowhere to be seen,” recounted the DCI.

“She inquired from her neighbors on his whereabouts and learned that a man whose description fitted her former husband had been seen leaving with baby Derrick, on a motorbike,” the DCI continued.

The couple is said to have immediately rushed to Ayieko’s house in Mukuru kwa Njenga only to break the door and find their son’s lifeless body sprawled on the bed and the suspect’s body hanging on an electric cable nearby.

The suspect is also said to have left a suicide note and sh.500 on the table instructing the ex-wife to buy airtime worth the amount and inform the whole family of his demise.

“Owing to the increased cases of missing children in city estates, parents and guardians are urged to guarantee the safety and security of their children, by leaving them in the hands of responsible adults whenever they are away,” said the DCI.