Diani Woman seeks help from abusive ex-boyfriend

Human Rights Activist Mr. Tembe holding a letter photo: George Otieno

A 21-year-old woman (name withheld) is reportedly living in fear of her abusive ex-boyfriend in Diani, Ukunda, Kwale County.

Her estranged lover has allegedly been waylaying her on the road and assaulting her since March 2021 when they separated.

According to a local Mr. Tembe Sengeza Tembe, who identified himself as a human rights activist, police have not taken any action against the suspect.

” The girl dropped from school after she got pregnant for him. However, he beats her anywhere they meet”, he stated.

The two have a two-year-old child.

Mr. Sengeza claims they reported the assaults at Diani police station via OB 23/4/3/2021 and since then no action has been taken.

He now wants Human Rights organizations and Women’s rights groups to come to the aid of the 21-year-old.

Mr. Tembe claims he has also been threatened by the suspect’s family.

” I have been branded a witch and threatened to be killed for fighting for the rights of this young mother”, he alleged.

Mr. Tembe further alleges that the victim’s mother who is living with a disability has no means to ensure her daughter gets justice.