Three shot in a scuffle over woman at a Nairobi club

A police officer in a crime scene/file

Three people are nursing gunshot wounds following a scuffle at a Nairobi entertainment joint on Friday night.

The three, two off-duty police officers and a staff member at the entertainment joint, were shot following a scuffle between the police and the shooter over the shooter’s alleged girlfriend.

It all started when the shooter (a Somali guy) left his girlfriend (a Somali lady) for a few minutes to go relieve himself only to come back and find one of the officers chatting up his girl.

This angered the man who then got into a bitter exchange of words with the said officer, prompting the other police officer and his friend to intervene in an attempt to calm down the situation.

The three men then decided to leave the joint only to be followed by the Somali guy to the parking lot.

“We asked him why he was following as we had already settled the matter in the lounge,” said Morris Mutua, the friend who had accompanied the officers.

A scuffle ensued and that is when the shooter pulled out his gun.

“We did know he was carrying a gun, by the time we realized he had one, he had already corked it. Everything happened too fast,” said Morris.

CCTV footage from the joint shows the man shot the first shot then started escaping while still opening fire.

“The first shot almost hit me right on the forehead but I ducked and hit one of my friends in the neck. Another shot hit my other friend on the arm, a lady who works at the lounge was also hit in the stomach,” said Morris.

The shooter managed to escape. Police are tracking him doown through his car registration number.

The injured were rushed to the hospital.

The incident took place at Quiver lounge which is located along Thika road.