Mvita Mp AbdulSwamad wants Mama Ngina and Pirates beach reopened

The Mama Ngina waterfront park. /file

Mvita Mp Abdulswamad Sharrif wants the government to re-open Mama Ngina waterfront park and Jommo Kenyatta public beach in Mombasa County.

He says, hawkers who were previously selling their products at the two social joints be allowed back to continue with their business.

Speaking while reading a statement in Parliament, Nassir said most of the vendors are small scale traders who need to provide food for their families.

He decried the difficult circumstances the hawkers are facing since they were hounded out of Mama Ngina and Pirates beach on the on-set of corona virus pandemic in 2020.

“These are small scale traders selling sweets and fried cassavas ( kachiri) to make a living. Its very unfortunate that a year later, we have not allowed them back”, he said.

He warned of a sharp increase in crime in the County if locals are not allowed to continue with their businesses in the parks.

“Some have been in those areas for 40 years. They don’t know where to go, let them continue fending for their families”, he appealed.