Don’t slaughter Donkeys, urges lobby group

Donkeys awaiting slaughter./file

A warning has been issued over slaughtering of donkeys in Kenya as the world marked World Donkey Welfare day.

Gracing the event in Nairobi top KENTAD veterinary services officer Dr Ronald Sang said  that it is unfortunate that the court issued orders to lift ban imposed on slaughtering donkeys, warning that such a leeway will make donkeys an endangered species in the country.

Sang pointed out that continued slaughtering of donkeys will lead to extinction of the  species in two years.

“Population of donkeys in Kenya is below 1.8 million, if you  calculate, the  business of donkey slaughter is not sustainable, it is painful to lose all donkeys in Kenya,” Sang said.

“Actually you will not find a donkey in Kenya in five years, if  a thousand donkeys are slaughtered in a day it is barely two years and they are done,” he added.

Early this month a High court in Naivasha lifted the ban imposed last year by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya whereby in February 2020 he had directed the management of four abattoirs to stop slaughtering donkeys due to their numbers declining in the country.

Sang urged the government to stop it in bid to avert a looming crisis in the agricultural sector.

His assertion was echoed by the chair of Nairobi Donkeys Association Stephen Kamwilu who pointed that following the lift of the ban will lead to donkey theft.

“Some donkeys which are slaughtered are stolen, thus pose health hazards in the society, we urge President Uhuru Kenyatta and CS Munya to help us safeguard donkeys,” Kamwilu said.

The also urged security officers across the country to work together with donkeys’ welfare representatives to safeguard donkeys especially in rural areas.