Kilifi County records drop in murder of elderly over witchcraft

A photo of Kaya Kinondo.

Cases of wanton killings of elderly people by youth on suspicion of witchcraft have drastically reduced in Kilifi County, a study has shown.

This was revealed in a seminars conducted by the Institute of culture and Ecology -ICE.

ICE programme Officer Elijah Kamau said the elderly can now move freely without fear on intimidation thanks to efforts to integrate them with the youth through educational programs.

The organization has been in the forefront to dimisfy misconception about traditional way of life by the elders especially their connections to the cultural forests.

It is emphasized that Kaya forests a traditonal religious shrines where prayers and sacrifices are conducted for the wellbeing of all.

During one such seminar held at Mariakani in  Kilifi County on Saturday, Kamau hailed Kaya elders for their efforts to preserve the Mijikenda traditional practices for future generations.

He said that has ensured preservation of the Kayas thereby maintaining a good natural ecosystem in the region.

 The organization further handed certified maps and calendars to Rabai,Jibana and Kayafungo Kayas which  will curb encroachers from destroying the Kaya forests.

Mzee Daniel Mwawara the spokesman for Rabai Kaya forests said the traditional forests were open for visits by all as they harbored no secret dealings.

He urged the youth to develop an interest to learn what goes on in the Kayas in order to sustain traditional Mijikenda culture.

In her address, Kilifi Forester Truphena Njaka urged local administration officials to co operate with the elders to curb Kaya forests destruction and encroachment.