Bodaboda rider abducted outside Mombasa law courts


A family in Mombasa is in agony after their kin was abducted outside Mombasa law court.

The relatives of John Syengo Musuu, a 30-year-old, believes that he was abducted by police officers.

Syengo, a bodaboda rider, was arrested on April 5th this year in Changamwe area and arraigned in Mombasa court on charges of armed robbery but was acquitted.

According to Syengo’s brother Mumo Musuu, Syengo was detained at Changamwe police station while the investigation was ongoing, and 14 days later, released by court after he was found innocent.

“After his release, at around noon on April 21st outside the court in Mombasa with relatives, about 15 people believed to be police officers who were not in uniform handcuffed and left with him in a car,” said Mumo.

Agnes Musuu, a sister to the victim, claims efforts to trace theor brother after the arrest have been futile. She also claimed Police have denied any involvement in the operation.

The family is now appealing to the government to help trace and return their kin home safe and sound.

Human rights group Haki Africa has condemned the abduction and disappearance of the Syengo .