Mombasa on high alert over dengue fever outbreak

Government warns of Yellow fever outbreak./file

Residents of Mombasa have been put on a higher alert following an outbreak of the Dengue fever virus.

According to Mombasa county public health officials, out of 47 people that were tested for the disease , 24 have being confirmed to be infected.

The 47 are said to be both children and adults.

Dengue fever, also known as breakbone fever, is a mosquito-borne viral infection that cause high fever, rash and severe joint and muscle pain.

Others symptoms include: Severe headaches and pain behind the eyes.

Although dengue fever can be very painful, it’s not usually fatal. Most people who get it start feeling better after several days and recover fully in a couple of weeks.

In severe cases there is serious bleeding and shock, which can be life-threatening.

In 2011, dengue outbreaks occurred in Mandera in northern Kenya and subsequently in Mombasa city along the Kenyan coast region.