Police accused of extrajudicial killing of five Men in Mombasa

Kenya police in a past operation. PHOTO: File

Police have been accused of killing five men in Mombasa on Saturday.

The suspects were gunned down ten days ago by people believed to be police officers

According to the wife of one of the slain suspects, the killers who wore black clothes and masks while armed with guns stormed their house and commanded her to stay inside the house or else they would shoot her.

“I felt scared and told my husband who was in the house about the people outside the house. When he left to enquire, that is when they kidnapped, started beating him and then burnt his motor cycle.

She also claimed the killers pointed a gun on her head threatening to shoot her if she doesn’t disclose where her husband works.

According to Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) chairman Khelef Khalifa, an elite police squad was involved in the killing of the five men. He also disputed   the version of police that there was exchange of fire between them and the suspects.

“We went into the room to investigate and all bullets were coming from one side and police are lying that there was exchange of fire”, he said.

According to Muhuri, the neighbours where the five were killed have never seen them there.

Relatives of one of the killed suspect’s accused the police of killing an innocent man who was minding his business as a tuktuk rider. She claims the killers pounced on him after he went inside his house.

“Why couldn’t they arrest him instead of killing them? My brother was not a thief but a family man who was struggling to feed his wife and Child”, she said.

 Police said they raided a house in Mbungoni in Nyali area where the five were hiding and gunned them down.

“The intelligence team led them to one house where they were planning to commit another robbery, officers challenged them and they fired towards them,” it read.

Police said that they recovered an AK 47 rifle, 33 bullets, Panga, two knives, seven mobile phones and a wallet.

A motorcycle registration No. KMEJ 275W believed to have been used to ferry the suspects was reovered.

Police have linked   linked the suspects to several criminal activities in including the killing of M-pesa agent along Moi Avenue in Mombasa last years.