Cartels to blame for water shortage in Mikindani, Jomvu

Residents queue for water . PHOTO :file

Water shortage in Mikindani ward, in Jomvu constituency is caused by cartels.

That is according to pastor Jactone Madialo, who declared his interest to vie for the MCA seat in 2022.

Speaking on Baraka FM, Madialo alleged that the cartels have taken over Mazera distribution center which supplies water to Mombasa County residents.

Mikindani suburb has been grappling with water shortage for years with little help from authorities.

Madialo accused officials from the water department of colluding with water vendors to create a shortage in order to sell at an abnormal profit.

“The officers based in Mazeras sell water to lorries instead of supplying to residents through the right channel.

He further urged residents to back his candidature promising to deal with the water shortage and other ills affecting residents.

“I will dismantle that cartel if elected an MCA”, he promised. Stated.