Woman left in debt after helping lover build a house and buy a car

A house under construction. A woman says she was left high and dry by a man after helping him build a house and buy a car, leaving her in debt./COURTESY

What is the most you have ever done in a relationship thinking that it had a future but was left high and dry?

Kenyan ladies are using the #MeToo to share stories on what they have gone through with some Kenyan men, and how they were conned by men they thought they loved.

One lady talks of a boyfriend she had from Medical school. She says the guy started asking her for small loans which he never paid back until one day he asked for a loan to complete building his house.

She gave it to him, thinking that that was their future house, next came a loan for a car then later the guy suggested they open a joint business, they opened a chemist.

Keep in mind all the cash the guy used to borrow with a promise to return.

“Don’t even get me started on how I wasn’t allowed to sleepover in that house of his! Young and stupid,” she says.