Babu Owino ready to forfeit Embakasi seat to allow Uhuru become PM

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. The legislature says he is selling his academic papers to those eyeing seats in next year's general elections./COURTESY

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino is willing to forfeit his parliamentary seat to allow President Uhuru Kenyatta to become a Prime Minister.

Babu said Uhuru Kenyatta should become a Prime Minister after the BBI is adopted by Kenyans through a referendum.

According to the legislature, Uhuru is better placed to ensure the implementation of the BBI report which seeks to bring unity and inclusivity in the country,

In his Facebook post, Owino says he is willing to stand down for Uhuru to vie as an Mp in Embakasi East to complete the journey.

“It is my considered opinion that as a key custodian of this initiative, Uhuru Kenyatta needs to see it through to the end. The mission of uniting all of Kenya will not be complete with the passing of the BBI document. This will only mark the beginning of an extended process,” said Babu.

“I will be seeking to persuade the President that he must seek election as Prime Minister to sheperd this crucial national process alongside H. E Raila Odinga to its logical conclusion. I am ready to forfeit my Embakasi East seat if he will take it up to ensure this happens,” he added.

He says BBI will be a panacea for lasting peace in the country after every general election since it dissuades a winner takes it all scenario.

He also told off politicians opposed to the BBI saying they don’t mean well for the country.