LSK to lead Kenyans in pushing for dissolution of parliament on Monday

MPs during a parliamentary session./COURTESY

Law society of Kenya (LSK) has vowed to lead Kenyans to occupy Parliament buildings on Monday to push Chief Justice David Maraga’s advisory.

LSK president Nelson Havi, at joint press conference with united Green movement UGM in Nairobi on Wednesday, said they will go and seek audience with the clerk of Senate and National Assembly over the ultimatum of dissolving Parliament as was directed by CJ Maraga.

“The president has till October 12th to dissolve parliament. If he does not dissolve parliament we will invite fellow Kenyans to join us in issuing vacation notice to parliament,” said Havi.

Havi added that the President had no option but to send MPs home saying Maraga’s advisory is final and should be effected.

“We make this call not only because CJ has asked for the dissolution of parliament there are many reasons. As we speak the Cabinet is unlawfully constituted,” he said.

According to former Ndhiwa Member of Parliament who is also co-founder of UGM Augustino Neto, they will be traversing the country to mobilize Kenyans to support the push for Parliament dissolution ahead of Monday deadline.

“We are law-abiding citizens and UGM believes in non-violence. UGM alongside LSK did issue a notice to vacate since they are illegally occupying our house,” Neto said.

Last month, Maraga advised President Uhuru to dissolve Parliament for failing to implement the two-thirds gender requirement.