Family whose kin is being overworked in Saudi Arabia wants gov’t to bring her back

Haki Africa with families of Kenyans stuck in Saudi Arabia photo:file

A family in Mombasa is seeking the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene and bring back their kin who is being overworked in Saudi Arabia.

Mwanaiki Saidi aged 34 years flew to Saudi Arabia in November 2019 hoping to get a well-paying job that will help take care of her three children, only for her to end up being overworked without a salary.

According to her family who lives in Mombasa, they have been receiving frustration calls from their kin in Saudi Arabia.

Mwanaiki’s mother told the press on Tuesday that her daughter’s rights have been abused in a foreign country and she is seeking the government to help her fly back to the country.

Mathias Shipeta, a rapid response officer at Haki Africa said that cases of abuse of domestic workers in United Arab Emirates countries had declined but the number has again been reported on the rise after the government allowed international flights.

“Most of Kenyans go to Arab Countries to look for jobs because of the poor economy of the Country and lack of jobs,” said Shipeta.

He further urged people planning to fly to Arab countries for domestic work to ensure they check if the agency flying them out is registered and follow all the procedures.