Faza residents urge County to quickly complete water project to end their woes

Fresh water. Residents of Faza Island in Lamu have urged their County government to speed up water project connecting fresh water to households./COURTESY

Residents of Faza in Lamu have urged the County government to speed up the completion of Faza water project that was meant to connect fresh water to the households.

The residents complained of delayed piping works with those who have already been connected saying the water was too salty, not as they were promised.

The residents questioned why it was taking too long to complete the water project yet a lot of money hasd been spent on the ground.

Ali Abdalla a resident of Faza said the funds should have been channeled to other projects given that the water is not good for consumption.

”The water is not good not only for cooking but even for bathing, one would rather go and take a shower in the ocean than use the tapped water,” he said.

Abdalla said that their water woes remain the same as people still rely on rainwater for drinking.

Another resident, Nia Abushir told the county government to speed up the project so that people can save money which is being spent to buy water, she said the completion of the project will also give them relief from carrying buckets of water on their heads.

”Currently, we depend on wells and storage tanks that harvest rainwater which is costly,” she said.

Mwanasomo Athman a resident of Faza said they normally drink salty water and are worried if the piped water shall also be salty once the project is complete.

She said so far not every household has been connected to the piped water but called on the county government to ensure that water is fresh.

”We want the authorities to bring fresh water like the one that is being supplied in Lamu Island to save us costs of buying freshwater,” said Mwanasomo Athman, another resident.

Currently, she said one jerrican of rainwater is sh.20 and the one to carry charges sh.10.

During drought, Athman said water costs sh.250 per jerrican as its normally bought from Lamu Island and their expectation was to get relief from the project but still, there is no hope. Paul Kimani the Director of Water in Lamu county when contacted for comment said he would give a brief about the project as he was in a meeting, but is yet to.