Nairobi buildings to be repainted in 60 days

Building in Nairobi. The Status of The Built Environment report by AAK reveals that commercial office sector and retail market have a negative 2022 outlook while thhe outlook for the hospitality and industrial martkets are neutral and positive respectively./COURTESY

Nairobi building owners only have 60 days to repaint their buildings.

This is according to Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director General Maj. Gen Mohammed Badi.

Badi said failure to comply will lead to prosecution.

“Upon expiry of this notice, those not compliant shall be liable to prosecution under relevant sections of the Public Health Act,” he said.

He added that the colors to be applied shall be as originally approved and any changes to the same must be approved by NMS.

The DG cited the Public Health Act Cap 242 Section 118 (b) on maintaining buildings clean and Cap 242 Section 118 (c) on roads, pavements and other forms of appurtenances.

NMS has also issued a notice inviting those who are interested in taking part in enhancing aesthetic conditions of streets, building frontages, pavements, walkways and green areas to submit their applications.

Maj. Gen. Badi said the project will be to repair, refurbish or reconstruct pavements and walkways within the Central Business District, Upper Hill, Westlands, Ngara and all sub-counties.