Is Diamond Platnumz planning on marrying a wealthy Omani lady

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz who has said he is no longer single PHOTO COURTESY

Earlier in the week, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz revealed that he is no longer a single man.

This came just a  few months after breaking up with Kenyan media personality Tanasha Donna who has since pitched camp in Diani and teamed up with Shirko media.

Sipo single nina mwanamke ninayetaka kuoa. Sisi wengine sasa hivi hatutaki mahusiano, tunataka tuoe. Mwezi wa kumi tarehe mbili nitatimiza miaka 31 na sitaki kuwa tu na mwanamke, sitaki kuwa na kimada (mistress), sitaki kuwa na hawara (prostitute), nataka kuoa,” Diamond said which loosely translates to.

(I am not single and I have a woman I want to marry. On 2nd October, I am turning 31 and Right now I am not just looking for a fling, I want to get married).

Though he did not reveal the identity of his wife to be, the latest revelation has reignited rumors that the singer might be planning to marry a wealthy Omani woman who was reportedly being groomed for him by his family.

In March, Tanzanian outlets reported that his family recently held a party to celebrate Tanasha’s exit just hours after the former NRG radio presenter left Dares Salaam for Nairobi.

According to Ijumaa Wikienda, a popular Tanzanian entertainment newspaper, the party was held at Diamond’s mother’s house in Madale-Tengeta in Dar es Salaam and was attended by among others Diamond’s sister Esma, his stepfather Shamste and close family friends.

Diamond’s sister reveals why he fears marrying Tanasha

According to Diamond’s stepfather Shamste who spoke to the paper,the party was a bachelorhood’s farewell party.

Though Shamte refused to reveal whether the party was meant to celebrate the Bongo star quitting Bachelorhood, Tanzanian outlets have indicated that the Bongo star’s family have been grooming a wealthy Omani bride for him.

According to Ijumaa wikienda  the wealthy woman caught Diamond’s attention when he went to perform in the  Arabian country accompanied by his mother, sister and his close family friend Juma Lokole.

The woman who reportedly also comes from a royal family is said to have hosted Diamond’s family for dinner where she expressed her interest.

It is then that Diamond’s mother who had a few months before been introduced to Tanasha started rooting for the Omani lady.

Diamond’s family throws party to welcome his new girlfriend

However, the singer seems to be cozying up to his Baby mama Zari Hassan.

Last week, the Ugandan national thanked the singer for what she termed as topping up her money to buy a new Bentley.