Car Wash guy found dead at Buxton

Health workers at the scene where the body of a car wash guy who died mysteriously was found./COURTESY

A man who works at a car wash was on Sunday morning found dead at the foot of Buxton footbridge in Mombasa.

Speaking to Baraka FM on phone, Urban Police station OCPD Eliud Arumba said the deceased body was identified by his sister.

“He is a car wash guy of Meru descent. His body had no injuries and he had no history of illness,” said OCPD Arumba.

As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, the body was safely ferried to Coast General morgue by health workers.

“We are yet to know what killed him. We called people from the health department to pick him up. The forensics team was also called to dust the scene of crime,” added the OCPD.

Investigations into the death are ongoing.