Police officers among people arrested at a mnazi den in Kilifi

Jerrycans of mnazi. Two police officers arrested enjoying mnazi with a crowd in Kilifi./COURTESY

A police officer from Masii Police station in Machakos County and a Shimo la Tewa prison warder were among 15 people arrested at a mnazi den in Kilifi County on Saturday evening.

According to a police report from Kilifi Police station, the officer, Mbao Haro and the prison warder, Samson Chiro were among 200 people enjoying mnazi and nyama choma at Kiwandani village in Kilifi County.

“Kilifi County,Kilifi North Sub County, Kilifi police Station. Subject Shooting Incident / arrest of police officers. Refer my ob no. 32/18/4/2020 at around 18:25hrs .It was reported by the members of the public that there are big crowds of people’s numbering 200 drinking mnazi within kiwandani village map reference Eg 960553 about 3kms North of the station,” read the report in part.

According to the report, the crowd turned violent when they saw the police, forcing the officers to shoot in the air.

“The team led by the Deputy ocs Ip Opiyo rushed to the scene and they met the groups enjoying themselves with mnazi and nyama choma upon being approached they turned rowdy and violent by throwing stones toward officers which prompted officers to shoot in the air to dispatch the crowd whereby seven ammos of 7.62mm and 5 ammos of 7.62sp were expended,” the report continues to read.

Out of the crowd, police managed to arrest 15 people including the officer and prison warder, who are supposed to help in implementing the measures and directives put in place by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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“All to be charged with an offence of  count 1.Failure to wear mask contrary to section 6(1) b as read with Rule 11 of the Public Health(covid_19) Restriction of movement of person and related measure Rule 2020.Count 2.Prohibition of gathering contrary to Rule 7 (1) as read with Rule 11 of the Public Health ( covid_19) Restriction of movement of person and related measures Rule 2020.Case pui,” read the report.