COVID-19: Kilifi county to send cash relief to vulnerable families

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi addressing the media. The governor has announced that the last COVID-19 cases have been discharged from the Jibana Isolation centre COURTESY

Kilifi County Government plans to send relief in form of cash or relief food to vulnerable families more than three weeks since the governor ordered firms to close down to avert the spread of Coronavirus.

This is according to the Kilifi governor Amason Kingi who said that a sh 220 million relief supplementary budget has already been approved by the county assembly.

Speaking in Kilifi Kingi said they have also launched an appeal for donations from donors and already foodstuff has begun being received at the Kenya Cereals board stores in Kilifi.

 The move is aimed at helping support all those affected by the pandemic and cannot sustain their livelihoods.

”There are those highly affected we plan to give them food or money in form of Mpesa, we have already begun receiving food from donors.
The money will also be used to buy drugs and the provision of health services . ” he said.

Kingi said as a government they came up with the Sh. 220 million budget to see how they can support, the vulnerable families.

The County boss said there are over 30 companies that have already volunteered to send relief food support.

”This week we will officially launch the relief food distribution and funds for the needy we have many companies that have volunteered over 30, some brought food, others brought money,” he said.

Kingi said he came from quarantine after interacting with his deputy governor Gideon Saburi that’s why he was away.

So far he said quarantine was over as he did a second test and turned out negative for COVID 19.

Kingi waived all tax levies for traders, public service vehicles and businesses until the end of the financial year.

”We have stopped parking fees for all matatus, cess for all goods coming in the county traders in the county will no longer be charged tax,” he said.