Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire battling breathing problems in quarantine

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire . photo:file

Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire is battling breathing problems just weeks after interacting with contacts who interacted with Kilifi deputy governor Gideon Saburi who has since tested positive for COVID-19.

The breathing problems have resulted in mild pains that are making it difficult for him to speak properly.

In a statement issued on Wednesday morning, the first time MP denied reports that he had been admitted to a medical facility insisting that he is quarantined in his house.

“I have some challenges  in breathing or while talking  due to some mild pains so I encourage texting” Mwambire said.

Mwambire said that he expected to receive his COVID-19 test results in 48 hours.

Mwambire is among the leaders from Kilifi county who had gone into self- quarantine after interacting with contacts close to the Kilifi Deputy governor.

Other leaders who went into quarantine include the Kilifi county women rep Gertrude Mbeyu who has since tested negative, lands CAS Gideon Mungaro and the Kenya Trade Network Agency chairperson Suleiman Shabhal who on Wednesday completed his 14-day quarantine.

Kilifi county has so far recorded six cases of the virus, the second-highest in the country after Nairobi.