Turkish tycoon donates sanitizers in Kikambala to fight coronavirus


More than 1000 families in Kikambala , Kilifi County have received a rare donation of free water and sanitizers from a foreign investor in a timely intervention set to avert the spread of Corona Virus in the area.

The move has filled the residents with joy and confidence of now beating the novel coronavirus in their neighbourhood as well as addressing  perennial water scarcity in the area.

The 1.7km water supply project funded by Elsek Group of Companies CEO Elsek Osman is currently providing running water for the residents who can now use piped water from any of five different water points placed strategically along the road leading Sun N Sand.

Rajab Bolingo, a resident and plumber who was contracted to lay the 1.7km of pipes from Osman’s house, said the gesture was one of the most important gestures they have ever received and appreciated.

Kikambala Sun ‘n’ Sand village has a population of slightly above 2,500 and have been suffering from scarcity of water.

“We may go up to two weeks without water in the taps for the few who have tap water in their houses,” said Bolingo

Residents had to walk for tens of kilometres to fetch the precious commodity.

Other locals who spoke to Baraka FM, commended Osman and his group of companies for their tireless efforts in addresing many problems facing them including water scarcity and land.

“As residents of this area, this water project is a great blessing to us because we can now have water 24/7 , Osman has been a good man who cares for his neighbors irrespective of status “ said Aisha Ahmed, a village elder.

The same sentiments were echoed by Hamis Mwaligo  , a bodaboda rider who confirmed that the standard of hygiene among area residents has really  improved since the inception of the project a month ago.

“We are happy our families can now wash their hands regularly with clean water, because the government wants us to do so to fight this corona virus, and you can see even soaps donated by Osman  are here next to the taps ready for us to use to  sanitize ourselves “

Elsek Osman says the project was part of intervention measures by his company to help the locals to maintain high standards of hygiene in order to curtail the current spread of the COVID-19. 

“This Corona virus is dangerous especial to people like those here in Kikambala if there is no water , so they must be given  clean water to help  keep  themselves clean and hope this water project will help them  fight the spread of corona”.

Osman has drilled several boreholes in his 8.5-acre compound, which is along the road leading to Sun ‘n’ Sand Beach Resort, from which he pumps the water to the five water points.

Kilifi county witnessed its first case of coronavirus with its deputy Deputy Gideon Saburi in quarantine.