COVID-19 UPDATE: Hotels asked to slash charges for those in self-quarantine

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during one of the daily coronavirus updates./COURTESY

Hotels have been urged to slash their normal charges for people using their facilities to self-quarantine.

Speaking on Monday while giving the daily briefings on the state of coronavirus in the country, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said that hotels should do this as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

“We are appealing to you; these are people who came into the country without a plan to spend money in a hotel. If your normal charges in a hotel room are sh.12,000, you should be charging no more than 50 percent or even 25 percent of that. This is business you didn’t expect and you are not going to get it,” said CS Kagwe.

“So to expect a person who had no plans of spending time in a hotel to spend or to pay the rates that you normally charge anybody else is, again, immoral and inconsiderate,” he added.

Public Transport

The CS also urged matatus and other public sector transport operators not to hike fares following directives to reduce the number of passengers, saying that every sector is going to take a financial hit to the coronavirus pandemic.

“To expect that one sector is going to punish everybody else for them to maintain a scenario where they are earning as much as they could is immoral and unfair,” said CS Kagwe.

“Kindly look at the situation, understand that the commuters they are carrying are not in the same position they were in prior to this. Some of them are not earning any money at the moment,” the Health CS added.


The country has 16 confirmed cases after one more person tested positive. All are in stable condition except one at Msambweni hospital in the Coast.

11 other individuals are currently admitted at Mbagathi hospital awaiting results.

Our neighbors, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda have one,12 and 19 cases respectively.

At least 100,645 people who had contracted COVID-19 have recovered from the disease, out of the 358,743 infected.

Data shows the number of active cases (those who still have the virus) are 242,665 out of which 11,213 are in serious or critical condition.

The number of closed cases is 116,078 out of which 100,645 recovered while 15,433 died from the virus.