COVID-19 UPDATE: Global numbers of those who have recovered hit 100 000

Medics in protection gear.

At least 100,604 people who had contracted the COVID-19 have recovered from the disease, out of the 353,266 infected.

Current data shows the number of active cases (those who still have the virus) are 237,254 out of which 11,298 are in serious or critical condition.

The number of closed cases is 116,012 out of which 100,604 recovered while 15,408 died from the virus.

Italy, which is the new epicenter of the virus, has the highest number of deaths at 5,476 followed by China, where the virus originated from, at 3,270.

United States of America comes third in total number of reported cases with 35,075 cases.

Spain recorded 4,321 new cases totaling their numbers of those infected to 33,089. The country recorded 410 new deaths totaling the number to 2,182.

South Africa has the highest number of reported cases in the continent 402 cases after 128 more people tested positive.

Egypt follows with 327 cases and 14 deaths then Algeria with 201 cases and 17 deaths.

Rwanda has the most 19 cases, Kenya 15 cases, Tanzania 12 and Uganda one case.

The worst hit country, Italy, are receiving help from Cuban doctors and Russian army in combatting the virus.