Mosque shuts ablution and toilet facilities in fight against Coronavirus

Man performs purification ritual before going for prayers. Jamia Mosque in Nairobi has shut its ablution and toilet facilities as they may help in spreading Coronavirus./COURTESY

Muslim Faithful who pray at Jamia Mosque will have to perform purification ritual (Wudu) before going to the mosque for prayers.

In a bid to help in the mitigation of Coronavirus, the mosque has shut down all ablution and toilet facilities as they have the potential of aiding the spread of the virus.

“Jamia Mosque Committee together with the Council of Scholars of Jamia Mosque engaged in a consultative meeting with the Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Practitioners (KAMMP) where they deliberated on the realities of the pandemic and its magnitude as well as appropriate preventive measures to manage its spread,” reads a statement from Jamia Mosque.

Other measures to be taken by the mosque include keeping the mosque shut except during times of prayers. Access to the mosque will also be limited to only three entrances for men and one for women.

“Jamia Mosque will open 15 minutes before every prayer and 15 minutes after prayer. For the Friday congregation prayers, the mosque will be opened at 12.30pm while the prayers will be held at 1.25 pm. By 1.45 pm the mosque will be shut,” reads the statement in part.

Hand sanitizers have been placed in different strategic locations for mosque users and to further enhance on safety measures, carpets in the mosque will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

The elderly and those with medical problems are encouraged to perform their prayers at home.

“We call upon Imams in all Mosques around the country to make special supplications (Qunoot) during all prayers seeking refuge and protection with Almighty Allah from Coronavirus and other epidemics,” read the statement.

“Jamia Mosque Committee shall keep monitoring the situation and will keep the community updated as the situation evolves,” it added.