DNA of bodies recovered in Tsavo last year not yet out

Police officers picking a body found dumped at the Shimba Hills forest .The DNA of bodies found in the Tsavo West national park last year are yet to be released PHOTO: LAWRENCE SITA.

The DNA results of bodies which were recovered ,dumped in Tsavo national park  last year are not yet out.

Speaking when he appeared before senate justice and legal affairs committee (JLAC) led by Nandi senator Samson Cheragei,HAKI Afrika CEO Hussein Khalid said that results of the six bodies which were found dumped in Tsavo national park early last year  are not out yet out,  complaining that the state is taking long to divulge the information related to the DNA results.

He told the committee that Mombasa and Lamu are the counties most by extrajudicial killings in the coast region.

He said that extrajudicial killings and incidents of violation of human rights in the coast  are increasing day in day out,whereby it  increased  by 48  percent in 2018 and 2019.

“We have expererienced a 48 percent increment in 2019  than 2018.”Khalid said

According to a police report in March 2019, two rangers from Tsavo West National Park who were on mobile patrol  encountered a foul smell and upon checking, they found the decomposing bodies of six men, a kilometre from the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

Police officers from Mtito Andei Police Station and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations later visited the scene.

According to the police, the six men were likely to have been murdered elsewhere and their bodies dumped in the park.

Khalid said that spate of extrajudicial killings in the coast are extremely rampant whereby as per now the region is experiencing  11 disappearances  ,urging government agencies to investigate police posts in the coast to ascertain the cause root of  such heinous acts .

He also complained in  the manner in which these killings are done which is agross violation of human rights.

“This year two people individuals were shot ,It is not even killing but a manner in which these killings are done ,four people were beaten in Lamu and dumped in mtwapa.”Khalid said

“Visit tsavo to confirm what is done in that park,there are places people are taken and  are told to choose either wild animals or the bullet,Arabuko Sokoke too.”He said

Senate legal affairs committee chair ,vowed to call the IG ,police commanders ,IPOA DCI to react to such allegations.