North Eastern leaders call for disbandment of TSC over teaching crisis


Leaders from the North-Eastern region are now calling upon the government to disband the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Appearing before the steering committee on the implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), the community-led by majority leader in national Parliament Aden Duale, said TSC has crippled teaching and learning on the exodus of professionals from northeastern that is severely disadvantaged with access to quality education on its children.

Duale said the act perpetuated critical negative stereotypes about the region they represent in parliament which implies that the region is not part of the country.

” Denying pupils and students in the north-east their right to education will not only damage the life chances of these young people and will consequently impact heavily on the negative development of an already impoverished region,” said Duale.

They want TSC disbanded as an independent commission and instead become a state department under the supervision of the ministry of education.

Duale argued that TSC is working independently and instead should work complimentary with the ministry of education.

The communities also want the National Council for Nomadic Education in Kenya (NACONEK) to be established autonomously independent commission to handle complex matters of the neglected nomadic education of over two million school-age children out of formal education in this country.

This comes just weeks after the commission transferred more than 3,000 non-local teachers from Wajir, Mandera and Garissa counties following terror attacks targeting the tutors.

The latest of the attacks happened on the 13th of January when militants attacked the Kamuthe Resource Centre and killed three male teachers.