Diamond and Tanasha caught red-handed with stolen concept

Diamond Platnumz and his beau Tanasha Donna PHOTO COURTESY

Bongo heavyweight Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna are currently on the spot after they were caught red-handed having copied concepts from Brazillian singer Iza.

The couple that released their much-awaited video dubbed Gere on Tuesday copied some video concepts from Iza’s music video Brisa a Brazilian hit song that was uploaded on youtube on 19th April.

In the two videos, Tanasha and Iza are both wearing Yellow, Red, Green and black costumes.

A screengrab from Iza’s music video Brisa
A screengrab from the Gere music video
Another Screengrab from Brisa
Another screengrab from Gere

This is not the first time Tanasha has been accused of lacking originality.

Last year, the former model and radio presenter was put on the spotlight after she was accused of copying American rapper Cardi B.

Both Cardi B and in a channel jumpsuit.Cardi wore the outfit in August 2019 while Tanasha wore the same outfit in November 2019

Tanasha wearing an outfit similar to that which Cardi B had worn during the announcement of her partnership with Fashion nova in November 2018,Tanasha wore the outfit in her music video Nah easy that was released in July 2019
Cardi B at the Paris Fashionweek in September 2018, Tanasha with an almost similar outfit in early 2019