Mudavadi wants BBI to create National Debt Authority


Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has said that in order to manage debt diligently there is a need for the government to create National Debt authority which will put modalities in which the borrowing of debt will be thriving.

Speaking when making a submission of the party’s input to the BBI steering committee in Nairobi,   party leader Mudavadi said that massive borrowing in the pretext of expanding development is a misinformed idea which has to be rescinded.

Kenya’s public debt continued surging in 2019, crossing the Sh6 trillion mark in July, according to the Central Bank of Kenya.

According to an analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Office, the public debt had hit sh.6.5 trillion by the end of 2019.

“There is a need for adequate funding to IEBC, from the consolidated fund to be used in, civic education, there should be from qualified Kenyans, competent enough to handle elections. The commission must be compelled to announce results within the stipulated time.”Mudavadi said

Also, the ANC  input touched on unemployment whereby many youths have not secured jobs an issue the party pointed that is of great concern.

Earlier on, university students urged the government to do away with HELB loans and initiate grants in a bid to help needy students from humble backgrounds.

The students argued that unemployment rates in the country were making it hard for students to repay the loans.