SUPKEM condemns Saudi Embassy over alleged interference


The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, SUPKEM, on Tuesday lashed out at the Saudi Arabia embassy in Kenya over what it described as inference by the Saudi Ambassador to Kenya, in SUPKEM’s internal affairs.

SUPKEM’s Coast Region coordinator Khamisi Juma Mwaguyo accused Dr.Mohammed Khayat of undermining the Muslim body and attempting to influence the choice of it’s leadership.

Khayat is accused of undermining the current SUPKEM chairperson, Hassan Ole Nado by saying he was not qualified to be SUPKEM chair, and that the Saudi government would not work with him.

“This has greatly shocked and saddened us and we politely ask the ambassador to keep off as they are internal affairs of Kenya and Kenya Muslims,” said Mwaguyo during a media briefing in Mombasa.

“The ambassador has been fed with wrong information and he should know that SUPKEM leaders are elected on the basis of integrity and not their skin colour,” he said. 

He said Kenya enjoyed cordial diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and cautioned the ambassador against making utterances that could jeopardise this relation.

An official of the Saudi Embassy who Baraka FM spoke to on telephone over the allegations said the ambassador was in a meeting and promised to call back, but did not do so at the time of publishing the story.