Family reveals last words of American killed in Lamu attack

23 year old Henry Mitch Mayfield who was killed in the Lamu attack PHOTO COURTESY

The American serviceman killed in the Lamu attack has been identified as 23-year-old Henry Mitch Mayfield.

According to American broadcaster NBC 5, the late Mayfield who hailed from Chicago had joined the army in June 2018 before graduating in October.

Before joining the army,Mayfield had just graduated from the Northern Illinois University.

His mother Carmoneta Horton-Mayfield said he has spoken to her son on New Year’s day on FaceTime and he told him everything was okay.

“I last spoke with him New Year’s Day via FaceTime. We discussed him not having to go to Somalia and he told me everything was good and safe at his base. He told me everything would be okay. Those were his last words to me,” she stated.

According to his family, Mayfield arrived in Kenya in October and he was supposed to stay for nine months.

“Outstanding young man, always polite, always just very nice. It’s breaking my heart. It really is, it’s breaking my heart,” Wiseman said. “I just saw him this summer. I don’t have words to say. It’s just breaking my heart.”  a neighbor Clerk Isaac Wiseman said of the fallen soldier.

On his Facebook page, Mayfield had lasted posted on 28th December just a week before the attack that claimed the lives of three Americans.