Court orders arrest of suspect in Italian Silvia Romano’s abduction

Italian tourist Silvia Romano who was abducted in Malindi. PHOTO:courtesy

A Malindi court has issued a warrant of arrest against one of the three suspects charged with kidnapping Italian national Silvia Romano.

Silvia Romano, 23 years old was abducted on the evening of 19th November 2018 at Chakama trading centre in Kilifi County where she was running the Africa milele onlus organization.

Her abduction led to the arrest of Ibrahim Adhan Omar, Abdulla Gababa Wario and Moses Luwali.

They are charged with various counts of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit terrorism acts.

The court heard that on or before 2oth November 2018 at unknown place within and outside Kenya jointly with others not before court, the three conspired to commit a terrorist act at Chakama area in Malindi Sub County.

They are also charged with kidnapping with intent to confine and that they secretly and wrongfully kidnapped and confined Silvia.

Ibrahim also faces two counts of possessing fire arms and ammunition contrary to the law and that on the 9th of December 2018 he was found being in possession of an AK 47 rifle.

He is also charged with being in possession of 111 rounds of ammunition of 7.62x 39 calibre.

Malindi chief magistrate Julie Oseko issued the warrant of arrest orders at Chakama primary school where the case was being held saying that the accused Ibrahim Adhan Omar had absconded court despite being released on a  shilling three million bond with two sureties.

His lawyer Samson Gekanana had tried to contact the accused but his phone was off and he urged the court to adjourn the hearing to a later date.

“My lord we were ready to proceed but my client’s phone is off despite having agreed to be before this honorable court. I pray that we adjourn,” he said.

Prosecution officer Alice Mathangani told the court that the accused person’s conduct amounted to contempt of court and that his bond should be set aside and a warrant of arrest be issued.

“The accused person has demonstrated that he is a flight risk and since the hearing cannot proceed unless he is present I pray that the court issue a warrant of arrest against him,” she said.

The case is set to be mentioned on 19th November 2019 at the Malindi law court while the hearing will continue on the 20th November 2019 at Chakama primary school.

“We wish we can proceed with the hearings but it cannot happen until the accused person is physically present in court and I order that the accused be arrested and be presented to court,” she said.

Romano 23 had gone to pick a power bank when the gun men attacked.