Kilifi family seeks justice for two year old sodomized by neighbor


A family in  Chumani village of Kilifi county  is seeking justice for their two year old daughter who was allegedly sodomized by her 30 year old neighbor.

The incident happened last week before the said neighbor fled.

According to victim’s mother Amina Hussein, the said neighbor who is still on the run loved playing with the daughter often but she never suspected anything sinister and he always told her he loved playing with children.

However things took a turn for the worst last week after the said neighbor disappeared with the victim only for him to show up with the minor at 9.00 pm.

Amina who was speaking to journalists with the crying baby said she noticed something was not right after she heard the baby crying in the toilet the next morning.

Policeman accused of defiling rape victim in Kilifi

“It really pains me as a mother because this is a very young baby and I don’t know why he would do something of the sort to my daughter” Amina told journalists outside the Kilifi police station.

The baby who is recuperating at home was treated at the Kilifi county referral hospital.

However, activists in Kilifi county have called on the authorities to move with speed to arrest the growing number of sexual offenders.

According to Kilifi activist Birya Menza,children below 5 years have been the most affected .

“Such cases have become very prevalent and we are calling upon the authorities to act with speed to arrest the culprit so that they can serve as a lesson to anyone who is intending to commit such a heinous act again” Menza said.

Kilifi North OCPD Patrick Njoroge told Baraka FM that they are looking for the suspect who is still on the run.

This comes just less than a month after a two year old girl was defiled in Bureni village of Vipingo with the suspect still at large.