Heavy rains to subside in Mombasa

A flooded section of the in Utange area of Mombasa.The weatherman has warned coastal residents to brace themselves for riny windy weekend PHOTO JANET MURIKIRA

The heavy rains currently being experienced in Mombasa are expected to subside starting  Monday 27th May.

This is according to a statement released by the meteorological department.

According to the statement, the rain recorded during the month of May was above the  average normally recorded during other months of May.

During the last week, between May 19th and May 25th , Mombasa County received 150mm of rainfall.

“This week will have light rain spread over most places from Monday to Sunday. Cloud cover will increase and wind will be gentle breeze of 6m/s · Flash floods can occur and low-lying areas, areas with clogged drainage, areas with unfilled and abandoned quarries can experience flooding.”

However the department warned that heavy rains accompanied by strong winds could also be experienced in the mainland areas with temperatures reaching to lows of 23 degrees and highs of 28 degrees.

Last week, heavy rains graced most parts of the Coast region.

This caused floods in some areas and part of the Mombasa-Lunga Lunga road in Kwale county was destroyed with the Kenya National Highways Authority warning motorists to use alternative roads.