Sonko orders for investigations as 8th body of infant retrieved from Nairobi River

Youth cleaning Nairobi River. 22 bodies have been recovered from the river since restoration works began COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has ordered for investigations after an eighth body of infant was retrieved from Nairobi River during a clean up exercise.

The governor, on Saturday, issued a directive to the county’s health, environment and inspectorate departments to investigate the recent discovery of bodies and file a report within seven days.

The Ng’arisha Jiji Initiative Team in Korogocho on Saturday morning retrieved bodies of two children wrapped in a polythene bag, raising the number of corpses retrieved from the river since the beginning of the clean up to eight.

“As my team was preparing to start cleaning part of the Nairobi River in Korogocho, we found two bodies of kids wrapped in a polythene bag. We believe the two children must be twins,” said Fredrick Okinda, chairperson of the Komb-Green Solutions in Korogocho.

He said one of the children was breathing faintly, but succumbed before they could rush to the nearest hospital.

Since the Ngarisha Jiji Initiative was launched late last year, at least 12 bodies (four adults and eight infants) have been retrieved from different rivers within Nairobi.


Last week, Governor Sonko asked the police to move swiftly and investigate mysterious instances of dead bodies being retrieved from the rivers in Nairobi.

The City Governor said this issue should not be taken lightly as several youth are being murdered and their bodies dumped in the river to conceal evidence.

He added that some hospital could also be procuring abortions and dumping the kids into the rivers.

“We now want the police officers to intervene and investigate this matter. This is a worrying trend, my teams have been retrieving dead bodies from different locations within our rivers,” said Sonko.