Taita Taveta county on the spot for overspending Sh 234 million

Taita Taveta county governor Granton Samboja .The county has sent over 1000 workers home in an effort to stem the soaring wage bill PHOTO COURTESY
It has emerged that Taita Taveta county overspent funds amounting to sh 234  million on its allocation to county assembly in two consecutive years .
Speaking during an audit query meeting between senate committee on  accounts and investment chaired by Senator Moses Kajwang, Taita Taveta governor Granton Samboja ,the committee pointed that the funds allocated to the Assembly in the year 2017/2018 and the yester financial year went overboard by 12 percent instead of seven percent.
“200 million has been overpayed to to the county assembly in two years “said Kajwang
The matter elicited a heated debate among members of the committee and county representatives with senators pointing that action  ought to be taken against the relevant officers.
The governor pointed that he will address the matter amicably and avert such scenario in the future.
The committee further urged the county government  to iron out imprest matters across the county by submitting them to avert further crisis engulfing the matter .
“The ultimate chief accounting officer is the governor ,where the act refers to county of government officer.If you fail to submit imp-rests you are putting your boss in trouble.”Kajwang said
Consequently ,Taita Taveta  county was remarkably applauded in the manner  it handled the tax collection system which surpassed the collections of the last regime.