2000 farmers to receive seeds and fertilizer in Mombasa

Workers offload fertilizers ..Over 2000 farmers are set to receive fertilizers and seeds from the Mombasa county government PHOTO COURTESY

Over 2000 farmers will benefit from the Mombasa County government agricultural aid that will give free seed and fertilizer during the upcoming rainy season.

Speaking to journalists at Mombasa County offices, Mombasa County’s director of agriculture, Pauline Mokumbo, said the program will focus on achieving the goals of the county including food security and nutrition.

 “We have developed an appropriate plan to serve the farmers before heavy rains which are expected this month so that our farmers can use this opportunity for planting,” Mokumbo said.

The farmers will receive maize and bean seeds.

This comes few days after Kenya Meteorological Department forecasting warns people of heavy rains this month in the coastal area.