Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya claims that she was sexually abused by late father

La Toya Jackson and her late father Joe Jackson pose during a past event.Latoya has accused her father of sexually abusing her PHOTO COURTESY

Michael Jackson’s older sister, La Toya Jackson claimed that the father sexually abused her when she was  11 years.

In a memoir dubbed Growing up in the Jackson family, Latoya claimed that when  Joe Jackson was still alive, he had raped her on a number of occasions when she was just a girl.

But little is known about the alleged sexual abuse which LaToya claims she and her older sister Rebbie suffered at the hands of their father who died last year at the age of  89 years.

The singer, now aged 62, claimed her mother Katherine knew her father sexually abused her and her sibling.

“When your father gets out of bed with your mother and gets into bed with his daughter and you hear the mother saying, ‘No, Joe, not ­tonight. Let her rest. Leave her alone, she’s tired,’ that makes you crazy,” LaToya wrote.

LaToya said the alleged rapes carried out by Joe forced her sister Rebbie to leave home when she was 16-years-old that meant that she was the new target.

In an interview La Toya repeated the allegations against her father and said,”There wasn’t just physical abuse, there was also mental abuse, which was very disturbing.”

Her memoir came out just two years before LaToya blasted mum Katherine for allegedly knowing about Michael’s paedophilia for years.