Report on ‘shoddy’ projects to be tabled before Kwale County Assembly

The Kwale county assembly in session. A report on shoddy development projects is set to be tabled at the county assembly PHOTO COURTESY

A report based on the state of development projects is set to be tabled before Kwale county assembly by Kwale Civil Society Organization’s (CSO’s) Consortium.

The report seeks to scrutinize the legitimacy and nature of the various projects that have been initiated by Kwale county government in different wards in the previous financial years.

According to activist and human rights defender Mahmoud Barro, the report digs deep on how the projects were done as well as fast track the implementation process.

Speaking on Wednesday at his Diani office in Msambweni sub-county, Baro affirmed that some of the projects were poorly done and did not meet the required standards.

He said the state of some projects were pathetic since they have never been completed despite having been commissioned many years ago.

“We wonder what happened with Diani drainage system which was started a long time ago at a cost of Sh. 42 million because its incomplete state of existence poses insecurity in the area,” said Baro.

At the same time, he noted that some of the development projects were implemented without having any public participation.

He alluded that the projects which were initiated by the county government without prior public consultations resulted in misuse of public funds.

“For instance at Pogwe ward in Lungalunga constituency, we have a farm produce collection facility that was constructed by county government but it has never been utilized. We also have a non-functional mortuary block that was constructed for approximately sh. 12 million at Tsimba/Golini ward in Matuga sub-county,” said Baro.

Further, he questioned the competence of the contractors who were contracted by the county government to deliver their services.

He disclosed that some of the contractors entrusted with the task to oversee certain projects didn’t have the requisite skills and experience.

“Some contractors are not fit for the county jobs they are assigned to do. For example, we have an estimated sh. 3 million boat in Gombato ward that has been turned into firewood since it’s completely written off after serving for quite a short time,” said Barro.

Nevertheless, the Kwale CSO’s have resorted to training the oversight forums which were started in some parts of the county including Kinondo and Tiwi wards.

The role of the oversight forums is to monitor and evaluate the development projects been implemented in the county.

The Kwale CSO’s in conjunction with Fahamu Africa and Canadian Funds for Local Initiative are finalizing on the report which will be presented before the Members of County Assembly (MCA’s) to deliberate on the issue.