Coca cola to fund Sh 3.8 billion plastic recycling project in Kenya

Plastic bottles .Coca cola is funding Kenya to a tune of 3.8 billion in a plastic bottle recycling project PHOTO COURTESY

Kenya will benefit from a 3.8 billion (US$38 million)  fund from coca cola that will aid in plastic recycling and also create awareness on plastic waste pollution.

The initiative aims to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100 percent of the packaging it sells by 2030.

Ahmed Rady, General Manager, Coca-Cola East & Central Africa Franchise said that” This is part of a focused World Without Waste campaign over three years and beyond and we are creating a solution as a total approach to address waste pollution through the entire packaging lifestyle.”

Coca-cola joined arms with industries that formed PET Recycling Company Limited (PETCO Kenya) to lead the initiative to collect and recycle PET bottles and packaging, as well as create a favorable environment for the investment of additional capital in the PET sector in both production and recycling.

Rady added that “This Global Recycling Day we look forward to a future where we can work in partnership with our key stakeholders to create an Africa without waste, at the same time as creating jobs and creating awareness to our people.”