Transformed addict Patrick Hinga passes on

Before and After photos of Patrick Hinga.Hinga passed away on Sunday PHOTO COURTESY

An ex-drug addict who made headlines after he was rescued from the streets by his former classmate and went through a viral transformation has passed on.

Patrick Hinga passed away on Sunday morning.

The news was broken by Wanja Mwaura who rescued Hinga from the streets in 2017.

According to Wanja, Hinga passed away in Kayole after complaining of stomach ache.

“On Thursday the 14th, Hinga left home and went to visit his friends in Kayole, upon reaching there he called his mom and complained of a stomach-ache though not serious, he spent the night there and said he will be ok. On Saturday late night the problem persisted n that’s when he decided to go to the hospital but by the time the mother got to him early morning yesterday, he had already passed on.”Wanja said on Monday.

Wanja who stumbled on Hinga who was at the time battling heroin addiction in Wangige Market in Lower Kabete caught the admiration of many netizens after she opened a crowdfunding page to help pay for Hinga ’s rehabilitation program.

Hinga graduated from the rehabilitation center in 2018 and with part of the money raised, Wanja helped set up a retail kiosk to help Hinga stay away from the streets.

However reports soon emerged that Hinga had gone back to the streets soon after leaving rehabilitation, reports that Wanja herself has denied.

“Hinga was doing fine and he did his best to remain the man we all helped him to be,” Wanja said on Monday.