Officer investigating death of Pwani University student arrested

Police station./COURTESY

An officer from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations office who has been investigating the death of Pwani University Student Grace Emelda Imiza has been arrested.

Phenix Onyango was arrested by  EACC sleuths Friday after he allegedly received a bribe from Hassan Nyale Kiti.

The bribe in question is sh 40,000 and the giver of the bribe has been identified as the owner of  Titanic Restaurant in Malindi where the deceased was working as a part-time waitress.

According to a statement from the police, the deceased who was aged 22 was found dead earlier in the month in what police officers have suspected to be a case of suicide.

The money was recovered during the raid and the officer is who had recently been transferred from Isiolo county is currently being detained at the Malindi police station.