Tana River county to set aside Sh 80 million to fight violent extremism

Tana River governor Dhadho Godhana .The county has called on the senate to expunge it from the list of counties set to be blacklisted over unpaid debts PHOTO COURTESY
 Tana River,KENYA:The fight against countering violent extremism in Tana River County will cost stakeholders a budget of approximately eighty Million shillings in a five – year term.

That is according to Kenya Community Support Center which played a key role in guiding the initiative of development of the Tana River County Action Plan on countering violent extremism.

Addressing Tana River County residents during a launch of Tana River Action Plan for Countering violence and Extremism CVE held at Hola Primary school, executive director for (KECOSCE) Ms. Phyllis Muema told the stakeholders that for the Action Plan to succeed they should make sure the money is set aside.

The stakeholders would set aside 57 million shillings annually in three years and 10 million shillings in the fourth and fifth year

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“This Action Plan will cost the county government and other stakeholders 57 million shillings every year in three years then in the fourth and Fifth year,10 million shillings will be set aside.The county government should not be left alone to raise the funds, the contribution should be sought from diverse stakeholders including National Government, the county government of Tana River, development partners, civil society organizations, faith based organizations, foundations and well-wishers, the business community and other groups,” said Muema.

The members of Assembly present led by their majority leader Ibrahim Salah promised to approve the budget of the said funds .


Tana River governor Major Dhadho Godhana said that his government would fight tirelessly as the county recently has increasingly been a recruitment zone of Al -Shabaab.

“There is no reason for youths joining Al-Shabaab on the execuse that there are no jobs. I also tarmacked before getting a job but I did not give up. We have many here without jobs but are they joining the militia? No,” said the governor.

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The Action Plan has eleven pillars including Security, Political, Education, Training and capacity building, Arts and culture, Economic, Gender and Child protection, Faith based and ideological, Media and online, Psycho social, legal and police.

Through the Action Plan the stakeholders identified hotspots for violent extremists in the county.

Those areas were listed as  Tana Delta, Boji, Laza, Bura, Nyangoro, Lango la Simba, Madogo, Malindi ya Ngwena, Gamba, Chewani, Garsen, Wayu, Ozi, Moa, Mikinduni, Matangeni and Makere.

The Action Plan proposed annual convention to be held every year whereby the county commissioner and the governor shall chair the convention jointly and bringing together all actors of the CVE.

Tana River has been one of the counties listed as a recruitment hotspot for violent extremist groups.

In 2014 police identified one of the  slain attackers of the daring raid at Nyali Barracks as one who hailed from the county.