Elephants leave trail of destruction after three day raid in Miasenyi

A Jumbo feeding at Chobe National Park, PHOTO ;file

Taita Taveta, KENYA: Residents of Miasenyi, Kale, Marungu, Mbugut villages in Taita Taveta county are living in fear after jumbos invaded their houses for three consecutive days causing massive damages.

According to Mr. Rophus Mwamburi of Miasenyi village, his nightmare with the wild mammals began after they broke into his compound flattening his fence before proceeding to clear his cassava, pawpaw and tomato crop.

Two days later, the jumbos returned to pick up from where they had left trampling on his water tank breaking it on the spot.

Mwamburi said since 2013 his efforts to venture into agriculture have been derailed by the regular visits of Jumbos into his farms and leaving him living in fear as when they last visited, they attempted to destroy his house.

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His neighbor pastor Chrispine Mwashighadi, a sorghum farmer is also counting losses after the jumbos invaded his farm for three days clearing his sorghum crop.

In an interview with Baraka FM, the emotional farmers narrated on how they are counting double losses as most of them say they had taken loans to finance their farming ventures.

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“Our calls for help to the Kenya Wildlife Service during the three-day raid went unanswered’, he said.

This comes just a few weeks after Sagala residents marched to Voi police station demanding compensation for the destruction caused by the jumbos.

Human-wildlife conflict has been a major problem in the county which hosts the Tsavo East, Tsavo West and part of the Chyulu hills national park.