Kisauni politician disappears two weeks before his wedding

Mohamed Ali Farid who was picked by unknown men on Thursday.PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA:  Mystery is surrounding the disappearance of a Jubilee allied politician from Kisauni constituency.

Mohamed Ali Farid alias Wakili who was eyeing the Mjambere ward seat on a Jubilee party ticket in the 2017 elections is reported to have been picked by unknown men outside a cyber in Nyali plaza on Thursday.

Mohamed is reported to have been handcuffed and bundled into a waiting Toyota Premio car before it drove away.

According to Mohamed’s father, he received information at 3.00pm that his son had been arrested by people who looked like police officers.

The father added that they had looked for him in all police stations but they could not find it.

“My son is a very social and peaceful person, we are not aware if there was anyone who was looking for him,” Mohamed’s father said.

The disappearance has sent the family of the politician who doubles up as a law student in limbo as Mohamed is set to wed the love of his love on 15th February.

The 25-year-old has not yet completed his law degree.

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Jubilee politicians in Mombasa have condemned the incident calling upon members of the public to volunteer information on his whereabouts.

Two time Mombasa gubernatorial seat aspirant Suleiman Shabhal termed the incident as ‘ugly’.

“This tendency of young men disappearing is both frightening and unacceptable, to say the least. It evokes memories of the past when we lost our sons to both the police and armed gangs” Suleiman who is currently outside the country said.