Ugandan artistes accuse President Museveni of silencing industry


Ugandan artistes led by Eddy Kenzo have accused President Yoweri Museveni of trying to gag artiste from so as to prevent them from joining the opposition following the introduction of new laws that will require all artists to undergo drug tests and to sign performance contracts.

The proposed laws will also require all artists to be registered with the ministry of gender, labor and social development besides undergoing a mandatory drug test before staging any performance.

According to Ugandan media reports, Eddy Kenzo terms the move as political with President Museveni trying to tame artistes from rising to strong opposition as it is with the case with Bobi Wine recommending that the ministry ought to have first reached out to the artists who have greatly contributed to the growth of entertainment industry in the country.

With the laws also expecting every artiste to be registered with the ministry, acquire performance and video shooting permit comedian Anne Kansime has termed the new proposed laws as laughable and shameful.

The proposed laws also do not spare event organizers and promoters as they will be required to obtain special performance permit 30 days prior to their event, provide programme concept, list of items to be performed and provide hygiene kits to every individual or group set to perform.

Indecent performers will face disciplinary action as promoters will also be forced to sign a performance contract agreement.

It will be up to event organizers and promoters to ensure that the venue of their events meets the required copyright license and use standard equipment in respect to public performance least they face disciplinary actions.